The whole subject of Internet security can be daunting for parents.  Most of us had not heard of the Internet when we were Teenagers.

A brief history lesson :

The Internet was invented in the 1960s, as a method of avoiding total reliance on a large central system, which would cripple a nations defences if it was damaged.  The Internet established a multitude of telecommunication routes to replicated information stores.

Most of us only became aware of the Internet in the late 1990s.  This was primarily because of the invention of the Worldwide Web in 1993.  This established a standard for the online publishing and linking of documents and pages, called HTML.

We probably sent our first e-mail while at work and surfed the Worldwide Web at home over a dial-up modem connection.  We had no idea what Google was and the creator of Facebook was probably younger than our kids are now.  It’s been a wild ride and no surprise that we are sometimes bewildered by the changes it has brought about.

Some aspects of the Internet are almost becoming compulsory.  For example, there is talk of Banks phasing out Cheque books.  In the future, if your Mother wants to send her Grandchildren some money for their birthdays, it may have to be done via Internet banking (unless she prefers putting banknotes in the post).

Now the Internet is used for much more than just Websites – traffic includes e-mail, Instant Messengers, Video Chats and Phone Calls (known as VoIP).  In 1993, the Internet only carried about 1% of two-way telecommunications – by 2011 this had risen to 98%.

We are creating a series of short videos that will give you information on the main ways that your family can use the computer and how to take easy measures in order you don’t have to worry that your family is not going to become engaged with the “Dark Side”.

You will learn some of the pitfalls and hazards out there and how to avoid them.  You may be surprised at some of the services and sites that are available to your kids.  We will try to highlight the positive aspects of the Internet and hope that you will discover some great programs and facilities that can benefit you, rather than just prescribing a long list of things you shouldn’t do.

We use the Internet every day in our work, social life and recreation and would feel marginalised if we lost access.  We are experts in the field of Online Safety, but we still come across new problems in this field every month.  As with Anti-Virus software, sometimes the best you can do is be 1 day behind the latest developments.