Parental Control Apps Guide

Compare the best parental control apps 2022

Choosing a parental control service can be a confusing task, with so many options, offering similar services which parental control app do you choose? We have made your decision easier by giving you information on many of the leading ways to help protect your children online so you can choose the best parental control apps for your families security needs.

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The Effects of Social Media on Your Kids’ Self Image

Tips & Advice

Studies show that too much time on social media has negative impacts on the self-esteem of teens and tweens. As kids grow to an age when they search for independence, they also start looking for acceptance. Kids are now reaching for...

Memory And The Impact of Screen Time

Tips & Advice

More screen time can lead to less sleep, impacting what kids remember and retain. There are few things worse than a tired kiddo, no matter if they’re 5 or 15. The extra sass and grumbles are definitely tiresome, but more conce...

A Parent's Guide to the Most Popular Online Multiplayer Video Games

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Wonder what really goes on in your kid’s video games? We have you covered with everything you ...

7 Ways to Create A Distraction-Free Study Space for Kids

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Help kids reach academic success with a dedicated study space at home. While many schools return ...

Teaching Kids Internet Safety

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Protect kids and teens from identity theft and other online vulnerabilities. By the time some kid...

Teaching Kids to be Wary of Online Scams

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Understand potential online dangers kids are exposed to from cyberbullies to cybercriminals. In t...

Teaching Kids to Manage Their Own Screen Time

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Change the conversation by giving kids the tools to know when and why to unplug Self-control is s...

What to Do When Your Kid Is Exposed to Inappropriate Content

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Prevent and prepare for the talk before it happens with these expert tips. When kids are left to ...